Wedding Diary | My Feelings On Getting Married

With just over 5 months to go until we say I do, I wanted to take some time to reflect on how I’m feeling about getting married. I think it’s safe to say – I’m absolutely terrified!

We’ve been together for almost 14 years now, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times someone has said “oh aren’t you married already?” or “I thought you’d have children by now!”. To be honest, I wasn’t always sure I wanted to get married. I spent many years telling Robbie that I wasn’t ready, and often wondered whether that feeling would ever pass. Although I knew what we had was special, the idea of being his wife and technically losing my own identity kind of terrified me. Changing my surname, all forms of identification and becoming a ‘Mrs’ was something I wanted to ignore until I was ready to talk about it. And of course we did speak about it, and the more things got serious I had to consider the future. If we have children together did I want to have the same name as them or was I happy being me? The conversations were many but most resulted in “lets talk about it another time”.

We’ve navigated through many ups and downs in our relationship, who hasn’t? But we’ve also grown up and matured from the teenagers who met walking home from school, to young independent adults and created an incredible life together. I’ve established myself in the buying industry and Robbie took the plunge to go self employed a couple of years ago, and through it all we’ve been each others biggest supporters. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the person you love the most doing what makes them happy, whether thats Robbie helping me out with blog pictures in the freezing cold, or me reluctantly getting into his stinky van, we’ve always backed each other with what we wanted to do.

We got engaged at the end of 2016 and I have to admit, he got the timing just right. We’d been settled in our first home for almost 4 years, both doing well in our careers and feeling pretty content with the life we’d created together. We were sat on the beach in Thailand for the last night of our holiday, and that’s when Robbie popped the question. I still don’t quite remember what happened, as I was in utter shock but it was one of the happiest and scariest moments of my life so far. I said yes and we were really doing this – we were getting married!

Fast forward just over a year, and we’re well underway with our wedding plans. I’ve never been one of those girls who had their picture perfect wedding planned out on Pinterest with the perfect venue and the perfect dress. I actually don’t think I started pinning wedding inspo until AFTER we got engaged, which I’m sure will surprise a lot of people. As time has gone on, the aspect of getting married has become slightly less daunting. I’ve actually surprised myself with how chilled I’ve been during the planning process, but of course I won’t speak too soon as I know theres still a lot left to finalise!

“Don’t stress the little things”, I’ve probably found this to be the hardest piece of advice to digest. To me, the little things are what will make our day personal to us and create the perfect memories for both us and our guests. As our day approaches, and the panic dreams start, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s OK to ask for help. We have such a great community of loving family and friends around us, who I know deep down are dying to get involved, so I’m sure we’ll take full advantage of that as the date get’s closer! What better way to celebrate the final countdown, and distract myself from everything else I’m supposed to be doing, than with some delicious, and may I say the most beautifully personalised, chocolates from Biscuiteers!

Z x




These chocolates were kindly gifted to me by the team at Biscuiteers.

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  1. Jess
    March 19, 2018 / 10:06 pm

    Aww love this Zite ❤️❤️

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