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Buying a wedding dress is probably the single most expensive item of clothing you’ll ever purchase and by far one of the most important. Today marks 199 days until we say ‘I do’, and I know now that we’re in the 1s, the time will fly by! 3 weeks ago I found my dress and I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Some people know exactly what they’re looking for when they start the search for the perfect dress, and although I’d looked at Pinterest and saved a few images (who hasn’t) I didn’t really know where to start! Being totally honest, I found the whole experience slightly daunting, so I booked in at a bridal shop that a friend of mine had recommended to me – Fairytale Weddings and went for my first appointment on the 28th October. I took my Mum, Robbie’s Mum and both of my sisters (who are 2 of my bridesmaids) in the hope that they would help to steer me in the right direction. I had 2 rules for the day, no photos unless on my phone and no tears – this makes me sound so heartless but I was nervous enough as it was without my entourage blubbering on me! The shop was beautiful and clearly laid out, making it very easy to pick out the dresses I was drawn to. We were taken to a spacious private dressing room upstairs where everyone else gathered on the sofas ready for me to try on the 7 dresses I’d picked out. With this being my first appointment, I was conscious to try on a mix of different styles to narrow down what I was looking for, and I made a shortlist of 2. I really loved one of them, but felt it was far to early to make a final decision. They made a note of my favourites and encouraged me to look elsewhere until I was certain, which was the best advice I could have received for my first appointment.

Almost 4 weeks later, it was the 25th November and I was booked in at my next appointment, this time at Serendipity Brides, a beautiful boutique on a village high street. I took my Mum, Robbie’s Mum and only 1 of my sisters as the other one had gone back to Australia (bridesmaid dress shopping is going to be bloody difficult!) As we walked in I realised there was A LOT more dresses to chose from this time around, for some people this would be a dream come true, but for me a little overwhelming! Again we were taken to a private dressing room, although this time there was no mirror behind the curtain with me which I found slightly more difficult to form a decision before everyone else saw it. Coincidently, I tried on 7 dresses again, this time more tailored to the style I preferred with the exception of 1 wild card that was thrown in by the lady I had my appointment with. There was 1 dress that I really liked, and tried on again at the end of the appointment, but after thinking it over, I decided it wasn’t quite right and left empty handed.

The 17th December and I’d arrived at my third bridal appointment. Another beautiful boutique (I definitely had a thing for the smaller, independent bridal stores over the bigger brands in the likes of London) this time Silver Sixpence Bridal which had a very similar feel to the first shop I went to. I felt totally at ease and we had the whole boutique to ourselves, left to browse the rails before selecting 3 dresses to try. Again we went off to a separate dressing room (this time with a mirror behind the curtain) and I tried on the dresses I’d chosen, 3 beautiful wedding dresses but each one I compared back to a dress from the first shop. The lady was so lovely that she simply said to me “please go back and try on the dress, you will either fall in love or it won’t be as you’ve remembered and you can move on”. I knew this was the right decision for me, so I left feeling slightly more relieved than before, knowing what I needed to do next!

Almost 3 months on from my first appointment, on the 13th January, I booked back in at Fairytale Weddings to try on that dress I ‘couldn’t stop thinking about’. Fortunately everyone stuck with me (although I’m not sure how many more appointments I could drag them all along to) and I went along with my Mum, Robbie’s Mum, my sister and my best friend who is my 3rd bridesmaid. As we arrived, I met with the same lady as my first appointment which instantly put me at ease. She asked if I wanted to quickly browse the rails to see if there was anything else I wanted to try as a few new styles had arrived since my last appointment. I quickly scanned the rails, but deep down knew the only dress I wanted to try was the one upstairs waiting for me in the dressing room. We headed upstairs, everyone got comfortable on the sofa and the curtains closed whilst the dress hung in front of me. As I stepped into the dress (not giving away styling here, but you will always step into wedding dresses rather than going over your head for obvious reasons) and I instantly felt this wave rush over me. The lady looked at me and said, “I think this could be the one” and as I nodded in agreement I suddenly felt very nervous! Once I was all in, she asked if I wanted to turn around to face my family as she opened the curtains, and thats exactly when I knew, I’D FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS! This was the first time my best friend was seeing the dress and she nodded in emotional agreement, as I walked around the room showing off every inch of my wedding dress. What a wonderful feeling!

This was for sure one of the most overwhelming and amazing experiences of my life so far, and for anyone still looking for their wedding dress, all I’d say is t a k e y o u r t i m e! Start the process early if you don’t know what you’re looking for, take the right people with you and go away and think about it before saying yes! I got my sister to take pictures of all of the dresses and the best thing was looking back over them at home without the pressure of everyone looking for your reaction.

I’d love to hear more about your wedding dress stories, are you getting married/already married and how you found it? Or if you’re still on the search I hope this has helped in some way?

I can’t wait to share more wedding updates with you all as we get closer to the big day!

Z x

*Disclaimer – the delicious biscuit wedding dress from the Biscuiteers Wedding Bells Tin is in no way a hint to the design of my own*


These biscuits were kindly sent to me by the team at Biscuiteers.


    • Zita
      February 4, 2018 / 12:49 pm

      Thank you lovely, it was such an amazing feeling! X

  1. Jess
    February 4, 2018 / 11:07 am

    Love this post Zite ❤️ perfect advice for Brides to be. XX

    • Zita
      February 4, 2018 / 12:50 pm

      Eek thanks lovely, felt like I had so much to say! 🙊 now onto your dresses ❤️ xx

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