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“Stop comparing yourself” – something that is so much easier said than done, but as human beings, without even realising we’re constantly seeking the next best thing. Self belief says a lot for what you can achieve as an individual, and I read a post from In The Frow recently where she said “if you believe in yourself, you can be unstoppable” and this really got me thinking.┬áI’ve always been quite an independent person, and feel quite proud of what I’ve achieved in my life so far but it doesn’t stop me comparing myself to others.

I spend a lot of time on social media, and often think I’m alone when I start to think “why don’t I have as many followers as her” or “why doesn’t my hair look like that”. With so much of our lives now being online, its so hard not to scroll through hundreds of images on Instagram without those thoughts crossing your mind. The main thing to remember┬áis that everyones goals are different, we are all aiming for different things in life, and one persons insecurity is another persons confidence.

I’ve started trying to comment more on Instagram, so instead of thinking “why don’t I look like that”, I’ll maybe comment to say “wow, you look amazing!” because chances are, that girl is probably feeling the exact same as you! There was a bit of drama on Twitter recently when one particular blogger had been copying a few other bloggers posts pretty much word for word for the past year or so. As much as she claimed this to be ‘inspiration’ rather than ‘imitation’, chances are she spent most of her time comparing herself to these other girls, to the point where she’s just copied their work to try and gain the successes they have. All I can say is, you are you and no one else has that to offer and trying to be someone else really will get you nowhere in life.


I’ve found that setting myself smaller more bitesized goals, means I’m more likely to achieve them (obviously). Whether that’s trying to get a blog post up once a week, or up my weights at the gym I want to feel good about myself when I achieve what I’ve set out to and not like I’m failing each time. Focusing on you, and not what other people are doing can only lead to bigger and better things! Now I just need to practice what I’m preaching…

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic?

Z x


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