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My hair has always been one of my most beloved parts of me. Through fatter times, skinnier times, sad times and happy times, my hair remains consistent and is something that’s so important to me. For my body, I work out 4 to 5 times a week and eat healthily 80% of the time, for my skin, I moisturise, exfoliate, cleanse, tone, fake tan etc so I always try to make sure my hair gets the same amount of attention as the rest.

Over the years I’ve had variations of bleach blonde, dark brown/almost black, mid brown, blonde highlights and of course over colouring can take its toll on your precious locks. I had a bit of a hair disaster a couple of years ago and vowed to just stay with my fail safe balayage with my natural colour on top and some blonder sections stretching down to the roots. I love how this variation gives me a mix between being blonde or brunette and requires a lot less top ups over the year.

Olaplex is a word I’d heard flying around quite a lot in the hair industry and most reviews were amazing, so I had to try for myself. I’ve used hair masks for years, usually once or twice a month just to give my hair a refresh and get it feeling super soft again. I don’t have the thickest head of hair but I do have a lot of it so I like to try and keep it looking as healthy as possible. The first time I tried the Olaplex No 3 treatment, I knew this was going to be an everlasting relationship for me! As with the other hair masks I was using, I use this once or twice a month. The bottle says to use once a week between chemical treatments to strengthen your hair, but as I only have my hair coloured twice a year (this makes me so happy) I don’t have to use this anywhere near as much. The bottle is 100ml and costs just over £30 so in the grand scheme of things, thats a damn expensive hair mask…BUT please trust me when I say IT’S WORTH IT! The Olaplex No 3 treatment contains the same active ingredients found in all professional salon used Olaplex products which utilise a bond multiplying system. The patented technology relinks the broken disulphide bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within to allow enhanced regrowth, structure & integrity.

I apply a fifty pence sized blob to my fingers and begin to massage through the ends of my hair as this is what needs it most. I then start to work up to the roots, roughly covering the majority of my hair. Once all covered I tie my hair into a bun, leaving to Olaplex formula to get to work. The bottle states to use for a minimum of 10 minutes, I usually leave on for at least an hour, but if my hair is really dry then I’ll often leave on overnight to really get it working. The formula doesn’t really have a scent and is not at all greasy, making it really easy to wear overnight to bed.

Once the treatment is ready to wash off, I shampoo and condition as normal and then part towel dry my hair before blasting it with a hair dryer. I can instantly tell a difference with the condition of my hair as its super silky yet manageable making it the perfect time for loose curls. I quickly put a few curls in using my GHD straighteners and my hair is fresh and revived – thank you Olaplex!

Have you tried any of the Olaplex treatments before, either at home or in the salon? I’d love to know your thoughts or favourite hair masks you use? If you’ve been thinking about trying Olaplex, I would 100% recommend it as its totally transformed the way my hair feels!

Z x


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  1. November 18, 2018 / 10:58 pm

    This was such a helpful post as I’ve been in two minds whether to invest in Olaplex or not! X

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