New Fragrances For The New Year

Only 1 more weekend to go and we’ve made it through January! I’m still going strong with my alcohol, crisps and chocolate ban – so bring on February as that Terry’s chocolate orange in the cupboard and a cold glass of fizz are calling my name! I always find this time of year really strange, its all about fresh starts, new habits and setting goals, but what do we actually do to make ourselves feel better for just being us? I’ve had a long week at work this week and sometimes the early morning gym sessions and late nights in the office really get to me so I like to take some time out to just focus on me. Whether thats applying a hair & face mask, keeping on top of fake tan Thursday or a couple of spritzes of my new favourite perfumes, I know it’s those little pick me ups that bring me back to life!

Towards the end of last year, every time I went to spray my perfume in the morning I just couldn’t decide on one that I loved enough to wear all day so I knew I needed to refresh my collection and get some excitement in there! I’d been eyeing up the Giorgio Armani Si perfume for a couple of months so added this one to my Christmas wish list in the hope that someone would get the hint. Luckily Robbie picked up on my not so subtle hints and got me the perfume gift set for Christmas.

The Giorgio Armani Si eau de Parfum is truly classic with the elegance of Freesia & Rose De Mai, whilst the long lasting notes of Oakmoss & Patchouli softly define this as a modern scent. It is chic, playful, intense and soft all at the same time, a totally timeless perfume leaving a soft trail that lingers. ‘Si’ is Italian for Yes, making this perfume the perfect engagement, wedding or anniversary gift and the gold ring circling the neck of the bottle symbolises the promise of eternity. I am pretty sure Robbie knew none of this when he picked this up, but to me this perfume is beautiful!

Armani seemed to really nail their fragrances last year, and the release of the new Emporio Armani ‘Because It’s You’ fragrance really intrigued me. Some of my favourite blogging couples supporting the brand with promoting this and the whole story behind the new scents was really beautiful. The Emporio Armani ‘Because It’s You’ scent is full, feminine and passionate, playing with the powers of seduction as vanilla mixes with musk and neroli revealing a complex and incredibly deep scent. The main call out of the campaign was to discover the two scents together; ‘Because It’s You’ for her and ‘Stronger With You’ for him, the two fragrances have an alliance which balance and empower each other, as a symbol of powerful love.

These fragrances are both quite different, with the latter being the sweeter of the two. But what I love most is the message behind these truly romantic scents, making them the perfect gift for Valentines so add them to your wish list ladies, or even better, treat yourself!

I’d love to know what you do to make yourself feel more positive at this time of year? And whilst I’m in the mood for expanding my collection, what’s your favourite perfume at the moment? As most of you know, we get married this year so I’m also starting to think about the scent I want to wear on our big day, any ideas welcome!

Z x


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  1. Saira
    February 2, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    I think perfume is such a good valentines gift ! Si is such a beautiful scent too- will have to pick it up soon
    Saira xxx

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