My Hopes, Goals & Aspirations for 2018

It’s a new year and the majority of people will be on the ‘new year/new me’ hype, but this year I’m feeling pretty content with life. Of course there are things I want to work on and improve but honestly I know that 2018 is going to be the best year of my life yet.

If you read my highlights of 2017 post, you will know that in July last year we moved house into our second home together. A much bigger house all ready for renovating, so this is the first thing we’ll be working on this year. The house is totally liveable as is which is great, but of course we want to put our own stamp on it to really call it our own. We managed to redecorate our master bedroom and smallest room into a dressing room before the new year (a couple of bits still to finish but pretty much there) and then we’ve just finished redoing the bathroom which ended up being a much bigger task than first expected! We were hoping for it to be complete in 1 week (very optimistic) but ended up being 5 weeks, man it was stressful but it looks bloody beautiful and I’ll be doing a full reveal on here soon!

Next of course is the biggest moment of 2018 – WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!! I actually can’t believe this is the year, we got engaged in October 2016 and booked our venue in January 2017 ready for August this year! What started off feeling like a lifetime until the big day, is now down to only 8 months. I’ve even surprised myself with how relaxed I’ve been with wedding planning so far, but most of the bigger things are booked and the smaller bits won’t need doing until later down the line. I’ve got some more wedding diary updates coming soon but I ticked something huge off the ‘wedding to do’ list this weekend! Eek!

I’m one of those people that likes to think they’re really organised, and most of the time I actually am, but at the same time my time keeping is terrible! 90% of the time I’m late to things, I plan tasks to take a lot less time than they actually do and I really want to get better at this! I’m great at organising other people, so if I can just channel some of that energy into my own organisation then I think I’ll be all set. First up is to do lists, I feel like more of these will help to keep me on track and ticking things off is really damn satisfying!

Lastly I just want to ENJOY MY LIFE! Don’t overthink things and spend 2 hours googling kettles to end up not even buying one. Keep working my butt off in the gym as it makes me feel good, adrenaline can do amazing things for your mood! I want to spend more time on the people I love and less time on the people who give little in return. Friends and family are so important in life, especially those who we want to celebrate our special day with us so this year I want to focus on them!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous start to 2018 and I’d love to know what you want to achieve this year?

Z x


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  1. Anna
    January 14, 2018 / 10:08 am

    Lovely post Zeet – snap on the last one! Xx

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