Travel Diary | A Week in Cannes

This year we booked our holiday very last minute, with moving house we weren’t sure we were going to fit one in but finally had a 2 week window to get something booked! We had started looking at Croatia, then Barcelona, then Mykonos but then came across the South of France. In all honesty, I’d never really considered France for our summer holiday, I’d always associated it with more of a city break but how wrong I was! This was our first time in the South of France and as soon as we stepped out of Nice airport, I knew it was going to be amazing.

First things first, if you’re going to Cannes from Nice airport, I would highly recommend getting the train as we paid a whopping €95 for a taxi as we were unsure where to go. On our way back we got the train from Cannes which was only €6 each, lesson learnt!

We stayed at Hotel Barriere Le Gray d’Albion which was the perfect location for us. With its own private beach, it was great to know you had a sun lounger waiting for you every morning, not the mention the buffet breakfast (yum). The hotel was walking distance to all of the main shopping areas, the train station, the beach and the port which meant we didn’t need to get a taxi anywhere!

When I think of the South of France, the first thing that springs to mind is all of the amazing yachts, and then the shopping…luxury is an understatement. I’ve always said that if I had an unlimited budget, I think I could do some real damage! We went into Gucci and I ummed and arred about one bag that I’ve had my eye on for a while but the exchange rate is soooo bad that it just wasn’t worth the investment, so I made the wise decision to just stick to window shopping. I can’t imagine the staff in Gucci enjoyed seeing my sad little face walk past the window each morning on our way to the beach though *sobs*.

We felt quite impressed with ourselves for managing to fit in 5 workouts in the week we were away, pretty good going, but it still didn’t counteract the amount of food we consumed! I try not to get too carried away with meals when I’m on holiday, but before I know it I’m on my third serving at the breakfast buffet wondering how this happened! I gained 3lbs in the week we were away which in my eyes was soooo worth it. The food was really amazing, holidaying on the coast means you get to eat the freshest seafood and if you didn’t know already, the French LOVE bread!! We ate out at some amazing restaurants in the evening, which unfortunately I didn’t manage to photograph due to being in a food coma! I would highly recommend Astoux et Brun, Le Rendez-Vous & Le Saint-Antoine for seafood, Le Manoir for a delicious meal and great service, and Le Relais des Semailles to try an amazing French Set Menu!

You should have seen my face when I finally came across Amorino, the famous ice creams that look like a beautiful rose topped perfectly with a macaroon. It safe to say this wasn’t my only one of the holiday! We also ate at Restaurant La Plage-Gray d’Albion Barriere which was the beach bar from our hotel. Although not cheap, they served great food! I mean check out that burger that Robbie ordered, it’s inside a huge hollowed out bun, have you ever seen anything like it?

Could you ask for anything more than a private beach in Cannes? The main beach was actually really busy so it was great having a little section knowing that we would always have somewhere to go. You could even book your loungers the day before so we could have a little wander in the morning and head to the beach later in the day. Just typical that our last day was the hottest one of our holiday and the only day the sun seemed to touch me *damn you pale complexion*.

The beach truly was like something off of a postcard, filled with colourful umbrellas, designer handbags and the most beautiful backdrop of buildings. The promenade oozes glamour and luxury, with Ferrari’s & Lamborghini’s racing past, even the dogs looked rich!


Have you been to Cannes before? I’d love to know what you thought and if you have any other recommendations?

We also went to St Tropez and Monaco and I’ll be getting those posts up shortly, so check back soon!

Z x


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