The Perfect Christmas With Biscuiteers

One thing I have always wanted to do at Christmas is build a gingerbread house, and this year the lovely Biscuiteers finally made that happen for me with this DIY Gingerbread House Kit! So on Christmas day, we tried to get creative by making the perfect gingerbread house, it didn’t turn out quite like those Pinterest perfect gingerbread houses BUT it tasted damn good!

The kit comes with everything you need and instructions which made the whole process super easy. We started by making the icing and putting into the piping bags. After we’d piped each section we then got creative with lots of smarties and sprinkles to make the house look extra pretty (and cover up any mistakes).

After all the sides had been iced, we left to set whilst we ate our body weight in Christmas dinner! Then for the tricky part…putting it all together! So I’ll be totally honest, it all held in place for the best part of 30 seconds before the whole house collapsed so we did the only other thing we knew we’d be good at…..we ate it!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas this year, and thank you to the Biscuiteers for adding something extra to mine!

Z x

Biscuiteers Baking Company

This DIY gingerbread kit was kindly gifted to me from Biscuiteers but all opinions are my own.

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